Possum Kingdom
Lake Texas


Possum’s Revenge Trail Run

Blaze Trails Possum’s Revenge challenge on the PK Hike & Bike rail was held on Saturday, May, 2023 hosting six different events: 69mi., 52mi., 56mi., 17mi., 8mi., and 4mi. runs.

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Get Ready for PK Spring Break

Everybody is ready to get away and have some fun. Most schools and universities in Texas have set this year’s spring break on the second week of March (13-17). PK

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Cedar Fever- Neither Cedar or Fever

Ah Choo! The hills and valleys at Possum Kingdom are alive with cedar pollen. The hazy air is full of concentrated pollen from Ashe Juniper trees. European settlers were accustomed

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New Year Intentions, Not Resolutions for Folks at PK Lake

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions last about as long as a hot pizza out of the oven. It is, however, a good thing to think about and make a list where some items can turn from an intention to a resolution. Listed below are few of my good intentions that relate to living at the lake:

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2023 First Day Hikes at Possum Kingdom

Caty Campbell with Possum Kingdom State Park reported that 11 people joined the tradition of taking a hike in the park on the first day of the new year. Eleven people mainly from the Metroplex, one from Big Spring, and Cathy’s daughter Raven hiked the Lakeview and Longhorn Trails for a total of 2.2 miles.

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A Mistletoe Primer

Now that the holiday season is near, mistletoe is still used as a decoration. The tradition of receiving a kiss under a sprig of mistletoe dates back to pre-Christian times.

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lake conditions

Water Temperature: High 50s, Low 60s

Water Clarity

North: Murky/Stained

Midlake: Good

South: Clear

Water Level: -6+ Foot

Boat Traffic

Not many out this time of year

Burn Ban: In Effect

These conditions are updated every Monday or if any major changes take place. Check out our latest Lake Report for more info