Hells Gate Firework Show | July 9th 2022

Possum Kingdom Chamber Of Commerce will be hosting their 35th annual Hells Gate Firework Show on July 9th this year. This is definitely one of the most unique firework displays in Texas if not the whole United States with fireworks being shot off both sides of Hells Gate which sits about 90ft above Possum Kingdom Lake. Thousands of people come to PK Lake to enjoy this show every year. You can view this show by boat, from the shore at The YMCA Camp Grady Spruce which is directly across from Hells Gate (the best view of the show), Lush Resort has a distant view of show, or some people park on the side of Park Rd 36 or 2951 where you have a view of Hells Gate. Check out the 2021 show.

The Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce is always accepting donations or taking sponsorships to help with the expense of the show. If you you would like to contribute to the famous Hells Gate Firework show contact the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce via possumkingdomlake.com or call them at (940) 779-2543.

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