PK General Store Opens Their New Corral Bar

PK General Store under new ownership has been adding a lot of new exciting things to the little gas station in the middle of nowhere located just a few miles south of Possum Kingdom Lake on Highway 16 at the entrance to Sportsman’s World and Bluff Creek. This past weekend they opened their new Corral Bar and Music Venue. Opening night was Saturday 3/12/22 with Garrett Bryan and TCC with Dayne Pack on the stage. The next night Sunday 3/13/22 was their Spring Break Kickoff featuring Steve Helms and Ben McPherson on the fiddle. PK General Store has been bringing in some really good shows to the PK Lake area since opening their indoor Corner Stage. Now since the Corral Bar is open I am sure you will see some bigger names coming to the area like Micky and the Motorcars with Jay Statham on April 2 at 7am. Here’s some pictures of the Steve Helms concert.

PK General Store Corral Stage

Here is The General Store’s upcoming events for March.

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