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What’s In A Name? Every community has names for places where they live. Over the years placenames can change or the original name did not come from where most people think. See if you know where these names at PK came from Fox Hollow, Bass Hollow, and Scenic Cove.

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Fox Hollow was actually named for Orin Fox, one of the first settlers who came to the area after the Civil War and not the fur bearing fox. It would make sense that Bass Hollow was named after the popular game fish, but some say it came from the fact that the outlaw Sam Bass was known to frequent the area. There is a Sam Bass Hollow located southwest of the lake. In 1889 a USGS map identified Jowell Creek as Wolf Creek. Scenic Cove was known as Jack’s Point before Villa Marina( then Harmar Marina) was established. It is interesting to learn where things are at PK and how some names got changed over the years.

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