Scout Memorabilia Display at Camp Constantin Continues to Grow

Thousands of campers have spent time on the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake since the late 1940’s at Scout Camp Constantin. Camp patches, badges, neckerchiefs, belt buckles, mugs, and other Scout related items are available each year to commemorate their experiences. One of the Scouts favorite pastimes is to collect and trade patches and collectibles. Many adult Scouters have many items from their youth and on to being an adult volunteer.

Adult Scouter Harry Bubeck was instrumental in collecting vast amounts of memorabilia pertaining to Camp Constantin, his favorite camp. He gathered donated items from camp staff alumni, Scouters, and his own personal collection. Harry raised funds to build display cabinets on the wall of the camp dining lodge where all campers can view the collection. Volunteers built and mounted the cabinets.  Installation of the display began with two cabinet in 2021. Two more displays were completed in May of 2022. The collection will continue to grow as more items are donated.

To view the display, contact the Camp Ranger at 972 533-6104 or during the summer, contact the Camp Director at 940 779 2131

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