Beat The Heat PK Style

According to the weather gurus, summer in Texas will be hotter than normal this year (what is normal?). People will be flocking to the lake to cool off. Below you will find several tips on keeping your cool. After reading these tips come up with some ideas of your own to stay cool at PK Lake.

Drink water to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you are thirsty. Sip a little water at a time all day. Sorry! Ranch water is actually a hard seltzer composed of carbonated water (most popular is Topo Chico), lime, and tequila. Avoid drinking excess soda pop and drinks with alcohol. It is best to drink thirst quenchers like Gatorade only when needed.

​Chill to stay chill. Go at your own pace and take breaks to chill out.

Eat a variety of fresh fruits during the day instead of salty and fatty snacks. Frozen grapes make for a great cool down treat. Fruits taste great and contain a higher concentration of electrolytes.

Go swimming. Choose the coolest time of the day to swim in the lake or pool. Go to Sandy Beach or Bug Beach swim areas in the morning to sit on the sandy bottom to enjoy cooler water with out being run over by a boat. Stay out of the water when it is 80° F or warmer. Avoid warm, shallow water to prevent swimmer’s itch and a fatal infection caused by amoeba. Always shower or bathe after swimming.

​Dangle your feet over your dock for a natural pedicure provided by hungry sunfish.

Wear a hat, sunglasses, and use sunblock continually. Don’t forget lip balm to prevent burned and cracked lips. Dress light with loose breathable clothing.

Install a water mister on you dock and patio deck. Use a misting bottle to stay cool.

​Choose sides for a squirt gun challenge.

​During the heat of the day tie your boat up in a shaded protected cove or below one of the high cliffswhere there is a shadow on the water.

​Keep a wet towel and sunscreen in a cooler on your boat or deck.

​DIY A/C time- Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to chill out.

Place uncooked rice in a bag and place it in the freezer. Use it as a cold compress. A cold bottle of water rolled across your forehead can also help cool you down.

Fans basically move existing air around. A fan can help evaporate body sweat to help cool you down some, but doesn’t cool the air temperature on its own.

Try eating hot peppers or include them in a light meal. When they make you sweat, they can help you cool down. It works for me.

​Dry clothing, towels, and swimwear outside to avoid using the dryer.

​Shut down your computer when not in use to keep room cooler.

​An old tip from those living in the dessert is to create your own breeze by hanging a wet bed sheet in an open window when the air is cooler outside than inside.

My favorite tip for keeping cool is ice cream. Eat often, but avoid brain freeze.

If you’re at Possum Kingdom, Your already cool!

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