Remembering PK Splash Day

In the early 90’s the PK Chamber sponsored an annual Splash Day on the
second Saturday in June at one of the public use areas. This traditional rite of
summer is still used today to promote the opening of community swimming pools
and water parks around the country. The most popular site was North D&D. After
the slow winter season local merchants were eager to get folks back to the lake. A
variety of events were held before the pageant including a beach volleyball
tournament and outdoor games. At one time, a local radio personality hosted the
event for the chamber.

The highlight of the day was the swimsuit competition called the Miss PK
Splash Day. Categories were based on ages starting 2-6 for Little Miss and Little
Mister PK, Junior Miss at ages 7-11, Miss Teen at ages 12-16, and Miss PK for
those 17-25 years old. Cash prizes and trophies were awarded for each category
to attract contestants. Most of the older contestants came from other towns in
the area which brought their family and friends to the lake while most of the little
kids entering the contests lived at the lake or were related to lake residents. Many
of the guys attending were there to see the girls in their two-piece swim suits, but
the most popular events were the cute little girls and boys who participated.

Due to budget restraints, scheduling conflicts, and changing attitudes of
beauty pageants, the chamber cancelled the event in 1994. Mothers and
grandmothers wrote letters of complaints to the Lake Country Sun newspaper
about ending the event stating that the selfishness of grown adults ruined the fun
for small children even though the chamber sponsored a Halloween event, Kids
Christmas, and Easter egg hunt for the community.

Those who wish to see an ongoing beauty pageant today need to visit the
lake any time during the summer season and drop by one of the public use areas
and marinas, or if you’re brave take a boat tour to party cove at Hell’s Gate.

The funny thing I noticed during “Splash Day” was that hardly anyone went
swimming or even got wet!

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