PK’s Welcome Mountain

Miles before reaching the lake from the east, a high point on the horizon
comes into view. The natural feature is known as McAdams Peak serving as a
landmark letting you know that you have almost made it to Possum Kingdom
Lake. Even at nigh-time, the peak guides the way to PK with its large illuminated
cross that can be seen from quite a distance. Seeing the cross during the day or
night beckons you a friendly welcome to PK Lake.

The peak has had several names, but is officially McAdams Peak named
after a Texas Ranger and local rancher who lived in the area. The land was
originally part of the Weldon ranch in 1913. In 1995 the property was purchased
by a Dallas developer, Craig Walker, who developed The Ranch on Possum
Kingdom. Craig was enamored by the majestic hills, valleys, and cliff surrounding
the lake. His faith and appreciation of the natural beauty of the area moved him
to build a metal cross 4 ½ stories tall at the top of the peak (1,394 ft.). The cross
was lined with LED lights serving as a beacon in the night. It was the first large LED
structure at the lake. Due to storms and lightning damage, the system was
updated to shine even brighter. An interesting fact is that the cross also served as
an antenna for the first internet system for The Ranch. The peak has also been
used as an observation station for fire and emergency service groups during the
PK Complex fires in 2011.

The lighted cross on McAdams Peak stands as a symbol of faith and as a
landmark for the eastern gateway to the lake.

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