Angels of all shapes and sizes appear on this Ashe Juniper tree to remember friends and family.

View of Angels

The Possum Kingdom Hike & Bike Trail consists of about 16 miles of loops, switchbacks, and winding trails through loose limestone rocks and alluvial sandy trails between hills and peaks dispersed with juniper-oak woodlands and mesquite-oak savannas. You are in the Carbonate Cross Timbers of Texas, an enclave in the larger Western Cross Timbers. There are 15 trailheads so you can journey the trail in sections. The trail system has 21 scenic lookouts, most with interpretive signs and benches. The most popular lookouts are Johnson Peak and Angel View known for their scenic views of limestone cliffs along the shoreline and the famous landmark of Hell’s Gate. Angel View stands out because of its name.

PK residents, Patty Schmidt and Bob Jordan are avid hikers of the local trail who enjoy the scenery and views found at the many lookouts. On one of their hikes, they began at Redbird Landing Trailhead and headed to the top of Redbird Hill reaching the site called Angel View. Schmidt wanted to know where all the angels were so on a future hike, she brought up a wooden angel and placed it on a nearby juniper tree. Soon angels of all shapes and sizes began to appear. The PK Angel Tree had become a memorial to people losing family and friends. Several dog tags and funeral pamphlets also appeared. Wind chimes and decorative beads have shown up. The angelic collection continues to grow.

An interesting point is the lookout at Angel View on the top of Redbird Hill looks down unto Hell’s Gate.

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