Beachcombing for Treasures While the Lake is Low

Summer is over and the lake level is low due to the severe drought of 2022. Now is a perfect time to become a beachcomber and search for treasures oncehidden in the waters of PK. It is not unusual to find fishing lures, old and new. I once found a small tackle box filled with mud. When I opened it up, it was full of small white-fingered crabs. Rings and other jewelry have been found. If you want to keep it file a report with local law enforcement to see if anyone has made a claim, however, it would be a fun challenge to attempt to find the owner of a lost ring. Coins and trinkets can be found, but if you discover a stash of coins, you probably won’t get to keep them. Anything of archaeological and/or cultural features found on Brazos River Authority property cannot be kept (BRA Regulations, Article 17, Section C). Several earlyNative American sites existed along the Brazos before the lake was built so it would be feasible to occasionally find an arrowhead or two. Bones of wild animals and fish are common along the shoreline. If you discover bones that may look human, you definitely want to report it. The exceptional drought at Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas has exposed multiple sets of human remains. After a drought breaks objects may be washed ashore after a storm creating a whole new treasure trove. When beachcombing remember to respect personal and public property. Be sure to wear enclosed shoes with good soles and outdoor clothing to protect you from insects, sharp sticks, stickers, and sunburn. Look around your treasure before picking it up so you don’t get bitten by a snake or other critter. Some folks like to collect driftwood to use as firewood or for craft projects and to clean up their shoreline. Environmentalists leave driftwood in place saying it provides food and shelter for fish and wildlife. Brush and driftwood below the lake does serve as habitat for fish, but I believe there is enough driftwood along the shores of PK Lake that it would do little harm to our wildlife by removing it. Removing driftwood from areas used for swimming and outdoor recreation would be a good safety measure.

While beachcombing we should also treasure that we have one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas. Picking up flotsam and jetsam of bottles, cans, and useless or discarded objects can help keep it that way.

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