Cleaning out your pickup is a good resolution to make in 2023. (kvd 1/1/23)

New Year Intentions, Not Resolutions for Folks at PK Lake

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions last about as long as a hot pizza out of the oven. It is, however, a good thing to think about and make a list where some items can turn from an intention to a resolution. Listed below are few of my good intentions that relate to living at the lake:

  • Clean out boat and pickup
  • Put tools back
  • Don’t feed the deer to reduce lawn and ornamental damage
  • Eat, drink, and shop local more often
  • Reduce embellished fish stories (stop lying)
  • Deliver meals from Charlie’s Angels
  • Create a “Brisket Diet” that works
  • Take a kid fishing
  • Spend one day a week without answering email and scrolling Facebook
  • Stop and smell the Mountain Cedar air before cedar fever season (Jan-Feb)
  • Turn gossip into compliments
  • Give blood
  • Mow lawn more than once a year
  • Clean out garage and storage shed. Donate useable items to fire auxiliary flea markets
  • Appreciate every day that you live at the Great Lake of Texas.

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