There is another Possum Kingdom

Whenever I travel people ask me “Where are you from?” My reply is “Possum Kingdom.” After many snickers and smiles I offer up the story on how Possum Kingdom got it’s name. It got me thinking if there was another place in the country named Possum Kingdom and after some extensive internet searching I found places named Possum Trot, Possum Walk, Possum Grape and Possum Town. These communities were found in mainly rural areas. Finally I found a community in South Carolina near the Saluda River that was known as Possum Kingdom. In 1790 Thomas Chapman settled in the lower part of Greenville County. He enjoyed hunting and found possums were plentiful in the area. Someone asked where he was from and he said “I’m from Possum Kingdom,” and the name stuck. One legend says the area was near a Civil War battlefield. At the end of the war battle weary Confederate soldiers could find little to eat other than possums that were abundant. Many residents of the community denied being from the area because of the name. An article in the September 11, 2022 Independent Mail newspaper of Anderson, South Carolina stated that “local folks don’t seem willing to claim the name, Residents down the road tell you “It’s just up the road,” while those living up the road say “It’s just down the road.”

Unlike the community mentioned above, people from Possum Kingdom, Texas are prone to braggin’ about living at PK. Bumper stickers ask “Where in the H_ _ _ is Possum Kingdom?” T-shirts are emblazoned with “God Bless PK”. Maybe it’s because we add the word “Lake” to our community. Possum Kingdom Lake may be in a rural area, but the amenities here make it a resort destination for many Texans and out of state visitors. Most lakes in Texas are named after local geographic places, famous Texans and prominent politicians so the name Possum Kingdom stands out. “The Legend of Hell’s Gate” and “How Possum Kingdom Got It’s Name” are stories known far and wide.

Yes, there is another Possum Kingdom, but we’re the best!

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