Full House at PKLA Annual Meeting

The PK Chamber center was packed with Possum Kingdom Lake Association (PKLA) members, visitors and guest speakers at the 2023 annual meeting.

PKLA board member Mike Carter, served as moderator who introduced each speaker and local officials.

Dr. Glenn Rogers, State Representative for District 60, gave a report of the 88th legislative session and special session. Rogers serves on the House Land & Resource Management, Natural Resources and Local and Consent Calendars committees. His priority is providing adequate water supply for citizens and the thousands of people moving to Texas. Other top priorities were the best method to reduce property tax increases, protect rural schools from vouchers for private schools and to secure the border where the Federal government has failed. His district office is located in downtown Mineral Wells and can be reached a 1 325 6411 0558.

Brazos River Authority General Manager/CEO, David Collingsworth discussed the consideration to reduce BRA responsibility in law enforcement in order to centralize the leadership structure through the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office. The authority would provide funding for additional officers and convey patrol vehicles, boats, and equipment to the Sheriff’s Office. Collingsworth discussed the role of water management in the Brazos Basin. For details contact him at davidc@brazos.org.

The next agenda item was turned over to PKLA board member, Bert Fewell and hydrologist Kirk Kennedy contracted as a consultant for the association to give their position on the renewal of the City of Abilene discharge permit of effluent (salt water) into PK Lake. Assumptions in the application observed were that there is no system in place. The application submitted contained only “boiler plate” information. The CORMIX method used to analyze discharges does not provide sufficient data for the discharge location at the Cedar Creek area of the lake. There is no indication of adequate safe disposal and assumes no impact on water quality. There is no constraint during times of drought and no inflow and no mechanism to monitor water quality/ The PKLA position is to convince the TCEQ to consider new data before certifying the permit.

Representatives from United Cooperative Service showed a PR video of high speed internet services and showed on-screen maps of areas that now have service and areas of the lake that are now under construction. Major completion of the fiber optic system in the lake area is planned by late summer.

Before concluding the meeting, Mike Carter introduced Graford ISD Superintendent, Brandon Perry who thanked the lake community for their support of the school and that he will be more visible and involved in the Graford- PK Lake area.

Agents from Air Evac that provides air emergency service to PK and Peyco Southwest that provides property tax services at the lake were on hand to answer questions about their services.

Hiring professional consultants and keeping in touch with those involved with activities at the lake is financed through dues and donations to the PKLA to protect and monitor the community. For more information and to join the PKLAA, go to //pklakeassn.org.

Directors of the PKLA are Monte Land, Mike Carter, Russell Madden, Mert Fewell, Brent Nance, Stacy Urban, Hank Lattimore, Marsha Bettis and Jeff Young.

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