Welcome to Possum Kingdom Lake Reporter

Possum Kingdom Lake Reporter is a new resource for the latest information from fishing to breaking news or events happening out here at Possum Kingdom Lake Texas.  When I moved here in early 2017 to work at The Trading Post, I soon realized when anything happened here at the lake a lot of people would ask us at the store what was going on.  I finally decided to pull the trigger in March of 2021 on this idea I had by starting the YouTube channel called Possum Kingdom Lake Reporter.  The idea has grown into this website to bring PK Lake lovers more information that I normally would not cover on a YouTube video. I hope every one enjoys this resource that I am bringing to Possum Kingdom Lake.  I would really like to grow this idea with the community.  If you have any ideas of your own or have a breaking story please let me know.  A little constructive criticism is always a good thing.  I am always looking for sponsors either for the website or a video in order to bring the community a better product and eventually I am going to need some help with this project. 


Thanks for checking out Possum Kingdom Lake Reporter.